What is EnduroTracker?

EnduroTracker is a website for Endurance Athletes to plan and track their workouts.

You can use it whether you are training for a triathlon, cycling race, swim race, road race, half marathon, marathon, or all of the above. You can also search for Events via Event Search.

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How do I log my training ?

First login, then select Log Your Completed Training from the Training menu.

How do I plan my training ?

Select Plan Your Training Sessions from the Training menu.

What is the difference between Plan and Log Options ?

Some athletes like to plan their workout ahead of time. Others like to just to log their workouts as they go.

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How do I enter a Training Session, Workout Summary and Workout Activities ?

In the abstract a Training Session consists of Workout(s) ( recorded via the Training Session and Workout Summary screen).

A Workout has Workout Activities associated with a it. (recorded via Workout Activity screen.)

If for example you ran 7 miles on Thursday, you would create 3 entries. First, you would create a Training Session for Thursday, next you would enter a Workout Summary, and third you would create a Workout Activity recording the specifics like distance, etc.

What is the cost of using this site?
EnduroTracker is free!
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